Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Super cool Saddlebred athlete!

Pictured at Scone One Day Event. This was only Paeon's 3rd ever competition! He really enjoyed it; couldn't wait to get started...and then was SO!!! focussed in all three phases. Dressage on Saturday, just after lunch, (needed 20 minutes work to "settle" and accept that it was all routine work that he knew well and could do...easily!), then Cross-country late on the Saturday afternoon; lots of waiting around as the staters ere running late, by this time, but this was just a 'breeze'! Great fun. Then Sunday, midday, Show-jumping...had to re-focus twice when the entry line-up queue was re-numbered with a change of officials, so it wasn't the optimum opportunity Emma was geared up for,and he tipped a rail..just a green error. (If he had another round he'd have fixed it!! Next time, Mum!!)

This is one budding athlete!!
I need to find him a like-minded partner!!

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