Saturday, October 9, 2010


Brought "Pan" home today.
He has changed so much! He went off to Emma to see whether he could jump, and has proved himself to be a budding young athlete. He's had 1 dressage competition, 4 visits to jump club and 2 eventing starts at Newcomers and Introductory level and he has taken everything in his stride. Loves the work and continues to rise to any challenge.
He's come home looking like a well-honed athlete, "ripped" to the max! He's lost just about all his winter coat and his colour has darkened to a rich liver chestnut.
Cloud and Laddie were impressed!!! He's such a steady type; it only took about 15 minutes for the others to accept him back again. He doesn't confront anyone; just 'waits' for the right moment to move into the group.

He's on the market, looking for a human partner.
He was trialled twice last week and Emma was delighted that he didn't put a foot wrong when ridden by a young 13 year old on the flat, over jumps indoors, and on the cross-country paddock.

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