Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More of Pan

More photos form Wingham, Pan's first ever Horse Trials outing!
Galloping x-country,
eyeing the water,
coming around a corner into a vertical,
setting up for a jump,
and Emma checking the clock; Woops! bit fast!!!

Young Raquel came to try Pan on Monday night after school.
Only just 13 years old (Had her birthday on Saturday!) she very sensibly watched Emma schooling him on the x-country training paddock and got her eye in before riding. Pan was enjoying himself so much that Emma introduced 2 new jumps in and out of the water!!! A 1 metre "drop" and another Pre-Novice level jump over a vertical pallisade into the water..and he loved it.
Then Raquel got the feel of him on the lunge (she's stepping up from a great little eventing pony she's growing out of) before she jumped some logs, bounce, apex under Emma's guidance and encouragement. Pan and Raquel looked really well suited and as Raquel got the feel for him she stepped up and proceeded to master the bank and bounce, mound and apex, ditch, trakhener and multiple versions of the water complex, ending up with Preliminary Level bounce into a drop and a jump out. They both looked to be absolutely having a ball!!
Then horse and rider walked back up to the indoor arena, changed gear and proceeded to have a dressage lesson. Some really beautiful work!! Young Raquel is an excellent student; absolutely "listened" to Emma and responded to all did Pan.
She's yet to try him show-jumping....but I was so proud of Paeon, and hope she's fallen in love with him!! They look to be really well suited.

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